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Friday, January 28, 2011

Layouts 3 & 4 2011 Challenge

These are a two more layouts that I did last weekend. The first one is almost exclusively Basic Gray "Granola" collection, except for the CTMH Mocha Opaques and buttons tied with hemp. The second one has so much stuff from my stash....felt so good to be using some of this stuff up! Some of you commented in my last post that my son seems like quite a character....and he is. He makes me laugh often, and I feel very fortunate to have such a close relationship with him. He and I attended this concert together (yes, he was 18 or 19 at the time) and had great time! But then again, his friends refer to me as the "cool" mom because I play video games with them....not very often, and I am really not very good at it, but they love it that I at least try! I think deep down, it makes him proud. I know that he makes me proud....all my kids do.
Thank you for all the wonderful comments....I love reading them, they make me smile. :o)


  1. Hey, you changed up your blog background! I love it! And I looooove both these pages!!! I really like the placement of all the elements on your first, and I love all the "old" products on the second. Ha, they don't look old to me! I can totally picture you as the "cool mom", too. Everyone liked my mom because she always had good snacks (re. junk food) around, but my friend Jena's mom was the "cool mom" in our crowd. I hope I can be a cool mom one day!

  2. your layouts are fantastic as always!! Your pictures in the first layout are stunning! I love that you went to Green Day with your son. I hope when my kids are older they will want to do things like that with me :)

  3. Nice new blog background Roz !

  4. The first layout is beautiful Roz!! I love the pics. The second layout is great!! I love how you added the pop of colour to the black and white background. I had to look close to see what concert you went to. You are definitely a cool mom going to see them with your son (: I went to see Green Day when I was in grade 9, it was one of my very first concerts (when Green Day was still fairly new) and we were stuck in the nosebleeds.

  5. I love these 2 layouts that you are digging in to the stash and having fun doing it! Look forward to our next get together so we can get tons done and visit at the same time!

  6. Hi Roz love the first layout - your pictures just flow with the layout. I also think those are great pics you got at the concert, and you are a lucky girl to have your son really want to spend time with you - Heres hope with my own kids, so far so good but they are still in their low teens.
    I also LOVE the look of your blog :)

  7. Love them, Roz. And your new blog! Very nice!


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